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    From Physical Classroom to Virtual Learning

    24-Oct-2020 00:33:10 / by David Cox


    I’ve had students attend programmes online in parallel with classroom sessions for many years, so making the complete switch has not been too traumatic. However, if you are new to teaching programmes with any amount of rigorous technical content in front of a camera rather than a class then I would like to share with you a few pointers to what our students say works best.

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    Strong values delivering real benefits:

    Our work is built on four complementary key values.

    Practical application

    What we teach is soundly based in current best practice. Our teachers have extensive practical experience in relevant capital markets.

    Intellectual clarity

    Our teachers are first class communicators and acknowledged experts in their fields. They combine extensive practical experience with profound theoretical understanding. As skilled communicators, they get the message across quickly and effectively. Course exercises deliver effective practical learning that participants remember long after leaving the classroom.

    Personal approach

    We try to understand the needs of each person and structure courses and packages of real benefit to them. All our teaching groups are small enough to enable individual needs to be assessed and met continually.

    Economic value

    We understand the commercial environment in which our clients operate. What we teach them delivers tangible benefits to their personal performance and the bottom line of their companies.